Coffee Brewing

How Much Coffee To Use

I recommend using two level teaspoons of ground coffee per six ounce cup or three ounces per 64 ounces of water. Of course, the strength of the brew is up to individual taste, so use the amount of coffee that satisfies your preference. I usually use the standard unless we are going to use cream, then i brew it a bit stronger.

The Importance of Keeping The Pot Clean

I advise keeping the coffee maker or coffee pot scrupulously clean. It is not true as the old wife’s tale suggests that it is good to leave a coffee pot with the oils from the last pot in it to season it. All that this does is taint the fresh coffee and mix the old oils with the new hazarding a bitter brew and contaminating the flavor. It is also suggested to wash or rinse the cup thoroughly between cups of coffee as well. An unclean cup diminishes the taste and aroma of the coffee, lessening it’s appeal. The practice of freshening a cup of coffee is discouraged as the cold coffee in the cup will "flatten" the fresh coffee that is poured in making the cup of coffee mediocre to poor in flavor and aroma.

Water, The Second Most Important Ingredient

To insure the finest cup of coffee, the water used should be as pure as possible. Spring water or filtered water are excellent for coffee. There are two opinions on the use of distilled water for coffee making. I use both spring and distilled water sometimes together. The water one brews coffee with is as individual as the person who brews it. Our one recommendation on water is: do not use tap water as the water purification chemicals will lessen the flavor of the coffee. Unless you live in a country were the tap water is pure distilled.

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