Started to collect Autographs long time back (end of the 70's) when i was a little kid i usally took my Autograph book with me on all sports and music events that was happening in my home town. The collecting thing has gone up and down, from time to time. Did have a huge comback in the beging of the 90's , collecting Autographs at concerts i was watching. Then i had a break from the collecting for a few years. Now the collecting has started again, but now im only give focus on things that really mean something for me, popstars, sporters and moviestarts that have been with me during my grow up in one or another way. So in this section i want to shear some of the stuff i have collected during my time as a Autograph hunter :-) Things that i got into my scanner and things that still is readable, most of the stuff i collected back when i was i kid i cant figure out who they are so i skip them, i will add stuff in here as soon i got them scanned, it will take some time but they will come....just choose the section you are intressted and you will get thumbs of the Autographs i have, just click the picture and it will popup in a bigger scale, if u have some question or any thoughts just drop me a mail or write some in the Guestbook, enjoy the watch.